Friday, December 3, 2010

Worst. Vacation. Ever.

While I am absolutely not interested in the first 24 hours or so of my "vacation" to the Baltimore/DC area, I am very happy to be going somewhere, anywhere, after four months tethered to Southeast Michigan.  I'm probably going to be on that "YEAH COLLEGE!!! NO PARENTS!!" high for most of the trip.  This is what happens when you get cancer and don't leave the house much for a third of the year. 

Anyway, I'm able to get treatment earlier this morning so I don't have to miss a day, which is awesome.  Flight heads out at 11:55, lands at 1:30, and I'll have to hustle to try to get to my interview by 2:30.  Of course, none of this will matter because my flight is being delayed, but it's always fun to make plans. 

I didn't feel like driving back to DC and then back to Baltimore on Saturday, so I'm staying at a Baltimore hotel on Friday night.  If you're in Baltimore, come visit me.  Emily will be joining me whenever she is done teaching shapes or whatever it is she does with 5 year olds.  (I'm KIDDING).  We have plans to go out to dinner at a TBD restaurant, but it seems the most convenient option is the Hooters right across the street from our hotel (I've already explained that I enjoy Playboy for the articles.  Likewise, Hooters wings are fantastic).  No, I did not know the Hooters was there when I booked the hotel.

Saturday is the big day.  I'm looking forward to getting my interview out of the way on Friday, and it shouldn't take too long, so that's no big deal.  But Saturday...oh man.  In all honesty, I'm anticipating this Saturday the way I've anticipated the last 12 Saturdays of Michigan Football:  I'm not quite sure exactly what's going to happen, but I know I'm going to witness a magnificent opera of awfulness that will make me laugh, cry, and possibly vomit. 

I mean, I know the course is on "Professionalism."  But there are so many possibilities there.  First of all, I'm not sure what the 5-hour(!) course will add on top of various ethics classes, the entire professional responsibility exam I took last year, and the year-and-a-half I spent doing actual legal work (subject to all the rules and responsibilities of an attorney).  My guess is: $65.  Second of all, we were required to study the Maryland Rules of Professional conduct for the bar exam, and "Ethics" is the only question that is required to be on the Maryland portion of the exam.  So I'm not sure what the class will add to what we already studied, which is Maryland-specific.  My guess is: $65.  Finally, word on the street is that character committee interviewers are actually quizzing people on the Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct during interviews, so it doesn't make sense to quiz people on things before you teach them to people.  So I'm not sure what the point would be there.  My guess is:  $65.

So I figure this thing is either going to cover very redundant information, or information that falls under the umbrella of "professionalism," which...I don't even know what that would be.  Some Q&A form I received says the course will cover "the Lawyer’s relationship with other Lawyers, the Client, the Court and the Community."  That...isn't helpful.  That's like saying the course will cover "Being a lawyer."  I'm actually really excited to find out what this thing is.  Maybe it's something really cool that I don't even know about.

My biggest fear is that this is going to be a logistical nightmare.  Remember, when I took the bar exam, Day 1 was delayed over an hour because the acoustics in the room were so bad, nobody could hear a single instruction.  They eventually brought in more speakers (which didn't change a thing).  But here, we're looking at about 600 people who have to give Maryland $65 in cash or check at 8am on a Saturday morning.  Do you know what that says to me?  That says "600 person line."

Come to think of it, I might get to fulfill my wish of being in a Walmart stampede after all:

Baltimore Convention Center, 8am Saturday
Anyway, provided I survive the Convention Center stampede, Saturday afternoon/evening should be significantly more awesome.  I will get to see my apartment in person for the first time, grab dinner with friends, then hit the town with some MLaw and MUndergrad friends.  Of course I'll be doing all this after getting up at 7 and sitting through a mind-blowing course on why you shouldn't spit on a judge, so I'm interested to see how I hold up.  This weekend will be a big test.  It will also be another big step toward regaining some sense of normalcy in my life. 

I'll post if I feel like it or if I get the chance to post something from the queue.  Wish me luck. 


  1. I think you owe it to yourself and your readership to write a column on your thoughts on the Rich Rod situation.

  2. I agree with the above comment.