Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Updates! On things!

MADE PEACE WITH SLOAN-KETTERING.  After a couple phone calls, I think I have things settled with the people at Sloan-Kettering.  They recommended radiation (which was actually useful, since U-M was on the fence for some reason), so I'm going to go through radiation, get a third scan, and then probably head out to New York sometime between Christmas and the New Year. 

I *hope*, based on the fact that the people over there seemed very interested in me getting another PET scan, that the results of that PET scan will have some bearing on their recommendation (the PET scan is expected to be very dark/good).  But we'll see. 

FOR NOW, A PLAN OF SORTS.  I think I know exactly what I'm doing from now until the end of the year.  Cancer-wise at least.  I start radiation this week.  I need to get 15 doses in (max of 5 days a week) which I'm hoping to do by December 10th.  Radiation has latent effects even after you're done being microwaved, so I'm going to wait about two weeks and then get PET scan #3.  I'll meet with Dr. Anderson a few days after that and then head out to New York.

Then, hopefully, I'm done.  If not, it's more treatment after the first of the year.  I'm hoping for the first, planning for the latter. 

YOU WIN, MARYLAND.  The fact that I only needed 15 days of radiation treatment was outrageously awesome.  At least, as awesome as radiation therapy can be.  But it certainly made my December a hell of a lot easier.

Or more difficult.  Because I don't have to get in 20 or 30 days of treatment, I have the entire week of December 13th open.  And that is swearing-in week in Maryland.  And because I can make it to swearing in, I decided to try to make it out to Maryland to make it to the MOST IMPORTANT AND CRITICAL INTERVIEW OF MY ENTIRE LIFE THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT SO IMPORTANT THAT EVERYBODY - EVEN CANCER PATIENTS - MUST COMPLETE IT IN PERSON BECAUSE IT IS VERY IMPORTANT AND CRITICAL. I'm also going to make it to the "PROFESSIONALISM COURSE" on December 4th, and I'm going to try very hard to not write a blog post on it.  I guarantee I will fail at that. 

When I called the various hospitals to see if they could review my case, I also asked them if they could review the contents of that envelope Maryland sent me the other week.  Unfortunately, the best experts in the country couldn't make sense of all the documents.  There's one document in there that says that my interview MUST be completed by December 3rd, but after exchanging e-mails with friends, that deadline also appears to be completely fake.  So who knows.

Also awesome:  This trip will require me to take an airplane.  Which will require a trip through security.  Dr. Anderson said I should, sometime in the near future, check to see if my sperm survived the nuclear winter inside my body, so I think I might just have the TSA agents check that while they're down there.  Kill two birds with one stone. 

TO THE DISTRICT!  In happier news, the light radiation schedule and clear week of December 13th means Emily and I will be able to move into our apartment in DC on Saturday, December 18th.  I'll probably head down to DC early that week and possibly become a lawyer or something, but I don't know.  I don't consider the swearing-in thing a big deal because 1) it's just the natural culmination of me not spectacularly screwing up since 2007 and 2) still got the cancer deal going on.  Don't want to celebrate things until that is over. 

Also, I want cancer to be done.dead.gone before I move to DC.  I don't want shit to be up in the air.  I don't want to receive any additional treatment in DC.  Anything more I have to do, I will do in the Detroit area.  I don't want to associate anything in DC with cancer.  I want to associate that with my post-cancer - and cancer-free - life.


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  2. That information was contained in this post, but was bumped to a later post due to unforeseen events. And please, begin all questions with "The American people are asking!"

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